Sometimes, you've just got to laugh. Haven't you?

23 Hilariously Accurate Memes About Being Single

We have a sign that says this on the band/choir room door!!  Then we put a sticky note with a rest on the ceiling above the door.  Good times in choir :D

35 Terrible Puns To Brighten Your Day

The graphic is humorous because it's a pun AND it's music related. Clever, Comical Pun It doesn't say anything about man kind. It's just a pun about music and a play on words.

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My favorite part is "my cousins boyfriend raps in french in his sleep" it reminds me of Lafayette.

Funny Boyfriend Jokes Tumblr

A girl has to mean a LOT to a guy for him to pause his video game so he can text her back. Guys are addicted to their video games, myself included.

Funny Pictures About Being Single - Snappy Pixels

Just saved tons of money on Valentines Day by switching to single, GEICO gecko.

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Today is rest day, but I still want to go to the gym to workout more. Can't get enough of your workout routine? Just learn to relax, it's rest day! Chill out in this trendy and funny workout shirt!

That is one angry looking bird hahaha

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet >> my boyfriend looked at this and yelled "birb alert!" in a cute little voice.

When everything's wrong you make it right! Grumpy cat: Then I come a and shut you out! @NyaTheKitty <-- Me >w<

Top 30 Funny Cat Memes

Ellie Goulding: "I need your love. I need your time." Grumpy Cat: "I need you to shut up." Lol, aw, but I like that song.

Sometimes I feel like Netflix  is my boyfriend then I remember I pay for it.... Netflix is my prostitute.

B-this will always bring back memories of how you got suspended in grade for being a boy-netflix and your hand is all you need!