Insane Soccer Ball Juggling~

Insane Soccer Ball Juggling~

During soccer training, you are introduced to many different things. While many of these things focus on technique, speed is an important element in soccer as

The gifs that keep on giving: Alan Pardew, dancing feet and trading cards | Sport |

The gifs that keep on giving: Alan Pardew, dancing feet and trading cards

DCMK Characters Gifs : Detective Conan- Football/Soccer

Detective Conan- Football/Soccer “The dancing one is already done This one was hard because all soccer gifs are hilarious and involve more than one person. It is also very hard to match up.

Guy Ritchie Film Starring David Beckham Video #commercials, #funny, #soccer, #videos,

David Beckham's 2013 underwear campaign for H&M launches today

"Top Soccer Shootout Ever" from BYUTV's Studio C. Neither my husband nor I are sports fans, but by 1:45 we were laughing hysterically. Right now, this has  7,942,167 [sic] YouTube hits. Enjoy!

Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling - Studio C (Original) Scott. No matter how many times I watch this.I can't stop laughing. Maybe because I've been hit the face a couple times by a soccer ball as a goalie.

It just sort of happens. We goalies have no choice! Soccer⚽

Hertha Berlin’s Kraft shows how to prevent a corner kick in the most awkward way possible

When I was a kid I used to be goalkeeper. Since I have memory I always played soccer with my friends in the street and I really liked to play like a goalkeeper. Now I play in the defense because my skills in the goal now are not the same.

Goalkeeper. performs miracle ...

Goalkeeper. performs miracle ...