Brilliant!  Remove those harsh metal, plastic or sticky felt pads from bottom of wooden furniture legs and replace with LEATHER!  Great for wood, slate, bamboo, or tile flooring.

Finally a better alternative to felt pads that fall off and/or collect pet hair! Going to the thrift store for old belts now! by Upholstery Club's Shelly Leer


12 must-see wine cork crafts

I have 44 Wine Bottle Corks that I'd like to corks save the floors! as Furniture Protectors. I will try this [thinking: "I'm really gonna screw up these corks trying to cut them.

Dura-Grip(TM) truly works like nothing else to keep any furniture from sliding and moving on any floor.

Stop furniture moving and sliding on any floor. DURA-GRIP furniture grippers are placed under beds, sectionals, sofas, chairs and more to prevent slipping on any hard floor.

Attach power strip to desk leg with velcro strips to keep loose cords at bay.  Great idea!

Use velcro to secure a Power Strip to the leg of desk / table / loft bed to keep cords off the floor or in a tangled mess at your feet. Makes cleaning the floor WAY easier!

Hiome decor Floor protector crochet chair socks by HandfulCrafts

Home decor, Floor protector, crochet chair socks, chair leg socks, table socks, furniture accessories, home accessories, Eco-friendly gift

Clear Floor Protectors Set of 8 from Walter Drake - Stay-on floor protectors easily slip on chair, stool or table legs, with cushioned pads that slide across floors and protect from scratches.

Clear Floor Protectors - Set Of 8

Hardwood Floor Chair Leg Protectors - Director chairs are an immediate classic, having been around for decades. Sprawled a

furniture stick on floor protector - Google Search

furniture stick on floor protector - Google Search

Lorell round legs floor protectors

- Lorell Clear Sleeve 8 Floor Savers fit to round legs or square legs

Crochet/Handmade wool 8 Chair legwarmers, chair socks, Floor Protector, Chair Leg Cozy, eco-friendly, sooo cute

Chair legs protectors, chair leg socks, table socks, furniture accessories, home decor, Eco-friendly gift

Furniture Floor Protector Pads

Furniture Floor Protectors, Corks, Floors, Cork, Flooring, Truffles


Furniture legs can easily become damaged as they are continuously in contact with floor and sometimes get a few splashes of water as well.

15 Wood Floor Hacks Every Homeowner Needs to Know - One Crazy House

15 Wood Floor Hacks Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Here are 7 cork design ideas that you can use to add a flair of creativity to your home design. Cork is lightweight, low-density and eco-friendly, making it the ideal material to use in your next home renovation.