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WWII German Soldier in A Gas Mask. Hitler should be given credit for seeing that gas was not used during the European war due to his own disgust with chemical warfare. He had been a gas casualty during the First World War.

Since the campus air is so bad, maybe a cool looking gas mask can help me not get horribly ill.  As long as it has filters..


Post-apocalypse fashion / dystopian looks / post-apocalyptic style / gas mask / green hair / apocalypse looks/ female / women's / apocalyptic style / details

Masks reference sheet by Kibbitzer

I never drew these things! I love them hnng! in the full version you can see 4 plague doctor masks and 4 gas masks! any suggestions for more of them?

To see or wear a gas mask in your dream suggests that the information that you are receiving from others is being filtered. You are not getting the full information. Others may perceive you as fragile or vulnerable.

Doctor Who. To non-Whovians, this is just a weird picture. To Whovians, this is the most flipping terrifying thing ever. Besides angel statues.

A woman with a gas mask by Taiwanese Pixiv user Krenz. Hella nice. Link to the original here (plus a couple more and some sketches):

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Gas mask made from an old corset...awesome! Wierd but one of those things that makes u look twice..

♥ corset gas mask freaky weird macabre steampunk fashion shoot textile art I'd be too scared to wear

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This image is so dark, yet it lets one create a story from its simple creepiness. I imagine a mad survivor of some apocalypse still wearing their gas mask years later. <<idk who you are but I like your take on it