6 ways climate change is threatening food security — and what we can do about it

These six facts show how vital it is to include climate change in conversations about food insecurity.

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The Global State of Agriculture Infographic - women farmers could increase crop yields by up to if they were given equal access to resources

Pegasus Food Futures to Showcase Pioneering Crop Growing Method to Promote Global Food Security

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Professional Life: Helping contribute to global food security is a huge professional career goal for me.

UCL The Bartlett Review: Gone to ground Today’s food system is depleting groundwater reserves faster than they can be replenished. What happens next could determine the future of global food security. Words: Sophie Arie

40 Organisations Shaking Up the Food System. The Food and Agriculture Organization, the United Nations’ international agency overseeing global food security and agriculture, meets in Rome in

The Next UN Secretary-General: An Experienced Woman to Foster Global Food Security

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon steps down next year, Glickman points out that the U. will have an opportunity to select its first female Secretary-General in the organization's history.

Hungry Planet Infographic Shows How Much Food and Energy Humans Consume Around the World

Global Food Security Governance: Civil Society Engagement In The Reformed Committee On World Food Security PDF - books library land

Global food security: could wheat feed the world?

Donors, businesses and research groups have united to pledge to boost wheat yields by in the next 20 years. Rob Dawson explains why and how

What 11 Billion People Mean for Food Security

Can the World Feed 11 Billion People? – Infographic: Global food production in the Century.

Hunger: Facts, stats and infographics -- How to fight hunger. Poverty is a principal cause of hunger - it prevents people from having access to food and the tools they need to grow it. Infographic from USAID