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Kind of slow, but a nice lighthearted read. Enjoying the sequel (which needs to be updated!

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This is why all manga fans will LOVE ‘Good Morning Call’

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The acting was very cartoonish, but I didn't really mind because I knew it was based on a Manga.

Good Morning Call didn't expect to like this but I was wrong!

Good Morning Call A high school girl finally gets her own apartment, but she has to share it with the most popular boy in school. No one can know they're living together.

グッドモーニング・コール公式 ‏@GMCofficial2016  16時間16時間前 撮影も快調ですよー。  #福原遥 #荒井萌 #グッドモーニング・コール

グッドモーニング・コール公式 ‏@GMCofficial2016 16時間16時間前 撮影も快調ですよー。 #福原遥 #荒井萌 #グッドモーニング・コール

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Nao x Uehara 😊 😍 Morning Call ( do still ship her with Daichi too, at the same time still ship her a little with Uehara too, omg so torn between them, both so adorable & sweet 😊 😍 )