Greek GOD OR Goddess Costume Great Toga Fancy Dress Headpiece RED White Adult | eBay

Greek God or Goddess Costume Great Toga Fancy Dress + Headpiece Red White Adult

I agree with everything except the Little Mermaid reference. Triton was Poseidon's son, not a derivative of Poseidon.

Poseidon - God of the Sea, Earthquakes, Horses, and Tropical Storms. He has a lot to confess about to Japan.

Pan, god of the wild and companion of the nymphs. Inspiration for "The Immortal Game" by Joannah Miley

A wild Satyr or Faun. Generally when depicted as still youthful and innocent, goat-men are referred to as Fauns. (Greek God Pan) Fathoms Between

Apollo by Judie Anderson

Modern artwork depicts the Greek god Apollo with the slain serpent Python at his feet. Apollo holds both the lyre and the bow, which were important attributes of the god.

DIY Ares Greek Mythology Costume with Spartan Style Helmet

DIY Ares Greek Mythology Costume

Does your child need to create a Greek Mythology Costume for school? See how my son, with a little help from me, created his DIY Ares Costume!

Gold Leaf Headband. Greek God Gold Leaf Crown by BloomDesignStudio

Burning Man, Men's Gold Leaf Headband, Gold Leaf Crown, Festival Clothing, Gold Crown, Burning Man Costume, BohoGold Leaf Laurel, Crown