Lillet Blan - GrimGrimoire by reyd

No matter how sucky the drawing is, a fanart is a fanart So here I post! Lillet BLan, the main character in GrimGrimoire, a game by Vanillaware.

Margarita Surprise from GrimGrimoire

nonsenseuser: “ Beautiful girls from some Vanillaware’s games. George Kamitani is an awesome designer.

Bartido Ballentyne from GrimGrimoire

Bartido Ballentyne - Characters & Art - GrimGrimoire I like the belt buckle and pants

Margarita Surprise from GrimGrimoire

GrimGrimoire art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

GrimGrimoire by kuraiaku

Lillete Blan and Margarita Surprise from tactic strategy game GrimGrimoire.

Grimgrimoire- Lillet Blan by khchibi-lurver

Grimgrimoire- Lillet Blan by khchibi-lurver

Opalneria Rain by LightSilverstar

Grimgrimoire-----another strategy game that is just as underrated as Growlanser. rofl I saw practically no fan art on this site, so I made one myself.