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Sometimes we have a bleep ton of kids and it is hard to manage them. These large group games come in handy on a regular basis for my Clubs. Every mon

10 Best VBS Games For Kids - Faith and Entertainment

10 Best VBS Games For Kids - Faith and Entertainment - buckets further apart the older the group - prize is candy.

Remember these classics from when you were young? Kids love them today too! Awesome videos of old-school hand-clapping games for kids!


Hand Clap Games are a great brain building activity. It helps with pattern recognition, crossing the midline (for some patterns), and bilateral coordination. Below are some videos of hand clap games we have enjoyed.

A game that is FUN, works on motor planning, balance, coordination, social skills, personal space and more.


17 Old-School Games More

17 Old-School Recess Games Your Students Should Be Playing Now

Charades is such a fun & interactive game for all ages. These free printable kids charades ideas all have silly animal & action combinations.

Kids Charades Ideas (Free Printable

Balloon Tennis... Easy and cheap entertainment! -- 29 clever activities for kids that parents will actually enjoy doing, too!

29 Of The BEST Crafts For Kids To Make (projects for boys & girls!)

Balloon Tennis, Easy Indoor Activities For Kids, Check out these amazing ideas for some good old fashioned and easy indoor activities for kids.

• Silly bananas • A simple but fun tip and tag warm up game for your kids. Try it out, then check out the rest we have!

Kindergarten to Grade 2 PE Games - Complete Sport Skill and Games Pack 2018

Over 100 PE group games, skills, drills, challenges, and lesson ideas for your Develop the fundamental

Musical Masterpiece: TheWriteStuffTeaching This would be so cute! and a good way to work in some standards. ;)

TheWriteStuffTeaching: A Bright Idea For Using the Arts to Teach Acceptance. See how to create a Musical Masterpiece in your classroom.

Top 25 Group Games For Kids: here are 25 group games that kids can enjoy using household items.

15 Best Group Games For Kids

Looking for interesting ways to keep your kid entertained and active? Here are 25 group games for kids that they can enjoy using household items.

The best PE and sport games for kindergarten, grade 1, 2 and 3 • Rob the nest • A quick paced basketball dribbling game. Check out for heaps more.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 PE Games - Complete Sport Skill and Games Pack 2018

Hungry Human Hippo Game, perfect for family reunions, youth groups or lds mutual, group games, party game ideas

Bring the popular game to life - kids will love it and adults will consider it a must-have at the next family gathering.