The gun control dolts aren't really for gun control ... just gun control for YOU.  | I'M PERSONALLY GUARDED BY HEAVILY ARMED MEN WITH GUNS BUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD ONLY BE ARMED WITH PEZ DISPENSERS AND SILLY STRING | image tagged in hillary clinton,gun control,liberal logic | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

The gun control morons aren't really for gun control, they just wanna control you and leave you defenseless.

Gun Control to Major Tom

Maryland Anti-Self Defense Law To Take Effect

gun control is like trying to stop drunk driving by making it tough for drunks to get to cars. We all know gun owners who aren't 'responsible'.

Check out A rant about California's latest gun control propositions at

When you're tired of repeating advice -so you say it unenthusiastically - And so many other great Willy Wonka quotes!

Gun Control #Guncontrol

The reason that i pinned this gun pitcure with a quote is bcause i love shooting gus and hen i was in highschool i was on a shooting team and i loved eery minute of it.

We have got to take back our government AND our culture!

The most hilarious gun control memes: How gun control advocates protect their yards with idiotic signs; why bombs are clocks, but Pop-Tarts are guns.

Criminals are called "criminals" for a reason. Criminals break the law. You think they are gonna obey a gun control law?

To all the anti gun idiots out there, I don't think he's gna listen to the "no gun zone" lol

Gun Control Humor

It's not exactly a way to win friends and influence the gun banning types, but do we want to?

Wasn't  Obama regime touting Australia as a poster child for the effectiveness of gun control?

The NRA Probably Need To Look At The Data Around Australia's Gun Laws

It is true that like anything else a gun requires the act of a person. Guns are a weapon designed to kill. Do not take this lightly and do not get a gun unless you will truly respect it.

i had a heated debate with someone about this (they argued the guns kill people) and i said that the gun was the cause of death and the thing that actually kills you.

Anti-Gun Control

Seriously this drives me f**king BONKERS when people tell me how to do my job. Seriously takes everything in me to not give them a high five in the face with chair!

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You Actually Believe Criminals Will Obey Gun Control Laws. You’re a Special Kind of Stupid, Aren’t You.

Gun Control

Freedom Depends on Rifles: Stoner/Sullivan's Lives On: What Caliber Should it Shoot?