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men's short sleeved black t shirt with cute kawaii style cheeseburger character

Hamburger Drawing, Burger Restaurant, Potato, Drawing Art, Spooky Halloween, Overlays, Handwriting, Hand Lettering, Beautiful Pictures

"Burger Bits" - Scott (cronobreaker) vector illustration {contemporary art anthropomorphic hamburger food cartoon character drawing} cronobreaker.deviantart.com

I like the simple illustration shapes and style as well as the bold colours which would work well as a sticker.

More on Gouache  Not only is gouache versatile enough to be used with opaque applications or thin washes, but it also has the ability to be reactivated with water. This makes it truly unique.  Acrylics and oils, once dry, cannot be manipulated. Gouache, however, can be manipulated by adding water with a brush, even after it has dried completely. This characteristic provides the artist complete control over the development of the painting.  A notable drawback of working with gouache is ...

Learn how to paint a realistic painting of a hamburger in this video tutorial that uses gouache or opaque watercolor.