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Helen Dardik Greeting Cards - Roger la Borde | Madison Park Group

Happy Birthday Dogs Party by Helen Dardik animals pets colorful fun illustration greeting cards, celebration

happy birthday you musical dachshund greeting card

Music lovers will adore this birthday card! With an old school gramophone and proud dachshund wearing a golf vest that looks as though he is thoroughly enjoying

If I had a dog I would definitely take pictures of him with a "smash" cake for his birthday :)

maddieonthings:Party Nose maddie: seriously you can take the picture, but sprinkles arent that funny notes in seconds later) maddie: *sigh* (ps i love her)

You celebrate two anniversaries: birthdays and "gotcha" days.

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Out dog Roxy gets a birthday hat on when it's her birthday 🎉 lol 😂 she always has her cake 🎂