Hello June!

How did I not notice it was the June! Oh yeah because I still have 2 exams left of my degree! Summer is finally here, time to whack out the sunglasses, short shorts, smoothies etc

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HELLO JUN | Hello June Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr ...

HELLO JUN | Hello June Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr ...

Hello june

Inspiration Gallery #113 — Photography

This is a picture of pink flowers. Flowers bring color and beauty to this world. Being around flowers can make the world a brighter day and you are able to easily see them so you are able to spot out the better things in life rather than the negative.

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hello june! Birth month. June born. Gemini

Can I just say that June starts tomorrow and that is officially summer as far as I am concerned!

HELLO JUNE  Then the real fun starts! I like to really get my creative juices flowing while setting up a new month. That way I already took some time off for myself to relax and just draw, no matter how busy the month will get later on. Setting up a ‘hello month’ spread was high up on my bullet journal goals list, but I always missed the date. This month I decided to not care and welcome the June no matter what date it is! And let’s be honest the middle of June is as beautiful as it’s…

My Bullet Journal SetUp For June

Tudo sobre bullet journals para quem quer entender e começar um! All about bullet journals for those who want to understand how it works and start one!