This blogger nails the criticism of Campbell's monomyth in writing. The problem is not Campbell, but that his profound exploration of the human experience has been degraded into a "cookbook" for writing fiction. Critics who don't understand this are too lazy or too myopic to understand the monomyth's power and scope. Criticism is easy; true understanding is not.

Deconstructing the Heroic

Teach The Hero's Journey, or Monomyth, using the steps created by Joseph Campbell. Storyboards include heroic journey, plot diagram, and literary conflict.

Hero's Journey Chart - Use with any book or movie!

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Beginner Novel Writers Tips: The Heros Journey Infographic<--- interesting take! Using the illustrated journey as your guide for writing a novel.

A Father Learning to Love: The Idolatry of Our Age - Part IV: Leave the Shire

A hero's Journey, as described by Joseph Campbell. I use this exact same graphic when I teach the Heroes Quest in literature.

Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Karl with a "K": Hero's Journey Template

“True Detective” primer // Hero's Journey // Go Into the Story

“True Detective” primer