A great way to teach your kids about the Highland Games of Scotland is at the Queen Mary Scot Fest. An annual event that is fun for the whole family!

Queen Mary Scots Festival - Things to do for kids - Long Beach CA

For an exciting day on celebrating, games, tradition and history, head to Long Beach to enjoy The Queen Mary Scots Festival with kids!

imma just carry this tree... like it aint no thing... in a kilt..... this is how Lena dies. <3

Sorry, Gloria–We LIKE Alpha Males! (Wild Eyed Southern Celt)

The original pin had a caption of, "Sorry, we like alpha males." Does an alpha male have to be strong enough to carry a tree? Why do we have to stereotype alpha males in to being one, certain type of person?

Gregor Edmunds ... in a kilt!

The Brotherhood Of The Kilt

THE KILTED HOTTIE OF THE DAY. I have never thought this before about a man but that is a set of thighs a woman can hold onto. Hooray for sexy kilted Scotsman.

So...You Want to Be a Highland Games Athlete?

So...You Want to Be a Highland Games Athlete?

Guide to Scottish Highland Games

Highland Games International Men's Day: 48 celebs who love wearing Scottish kilts - Scotland Now

Picture of Backyard Highland Games

Backyard Highland Games

I was recently tasked with coming up with a fun family activity that was different than what has been done before. This same time I was already working on some fa.