long hair chart.  I aiming for the "tailbone" length. My hair right now is almost hip length.  :)

Waist length is ideal and my goal. I'm somewhere between armpit and bra strap length.

Beautiful hip length hair                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Since my hair straightener doesnt work anymore might as well try this. Straighten hair without heat- Mix 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 cup of water, put in a spray bottle, spray on wet hair and let it air dry!

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This is how long I want my hair!!! #hairinspiration

messy bun The Whimsical Waves Hairstyle Girly Do's By Jenn: Ideas for short hair long hair

curly red hair. Not this long but I've always wanted hair like this =)

Natural curly hair [my goal: hip length hair in a twist out (would need to be at least tailbone fully streached to achieve this), hopefully by my birthday i will have achieved this]

TIPS FOR GROWING HEALTHY LONG HAIR 1. Get rid of split ends 2. Pay attention to your health(Eat fruits and veggies 3. Brush your hair and/or stimulate your scalp(Dont brush your hair too much or it will cause breakage) 4. Put away the blow dryers and hot tools(This is one of the most common and bad things that slows your hair down from growing long and healthy) 5. DONT brush your hair when wet 6. Dont wash your hair everyday (Washing your hair everyday gets rid of good oils) 7. Dont towel…

Ok I want this hair so bad. I know it would be a lot of up keep especialy since I have oily hair . But I want my hair to grow so bad.