Histoire séquentielle (Décorer une citrouille)

Histoire séquentielle (Décorer une citrouille)

Charles Addams cartoon//basis of The Addams Family

Cartoons by Charles Addams

Charles 'Chas' Addams was born today in He was the cartoonist who created the Addams Family characters that appeared in The New Yorker magazine - they were later adapted and used for the TV show The Addams Family. He passed in

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A White Blank Page

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Supermutant Magic Academy

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So much has been written about the notorious leaping terror, Spring-Heeled Jack, and his activities between 1838 and 1904, that it's hard to make sense of it all... but it's definitely an intriguing mess. Alien, Demon, Guy in Costume, even possibly a Bored Aristocrat... are any of these guesses even partially correct?

The Legend: Reports of an unknown leaping figure began in south-west London in the descriptions of the strange character made it out to be a man in a sh

Samonios | 1st month of the year among the Celts of the early history. It begins with the religious festival of Samhain or Samonios in ancient Celtic (Gallic) and approximately corresponds to the month of November in the Gregorian calendar. The four major Celtic festivals are soli-lunar festivals, ie they reflect the Sun and the Moon.

archaicwonder: “ Coligny (Celtic) Calendar, the origin of Halloween The Coligny calendar was found in Coligny, Ain, France in The lunisolar calendar can be seen at the Gallo-Roman Museum of.