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History of Wine Timeline (Infographic

This History of Wine timeline infographic highlights some of the most notable moments in wine history. From the earliest wine grapes in existence to what the wine world is like today,

Monastic cellarer tasting wine, from Li Livres dou Santé (French ms, late 13th century)

A monk-cellarer tasting wine from a barrel whilst filling a jug. From Li Livres dou Santé by en:Aldobrandino of Siena - France, late century. (I' m thinking this should be the basis for the charter for the revived An Tir Brewing Guild!

Dionysus in a vineyard; late 6th-century BCE amphora  History of wine  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dionysos vineyard MNE Villa Giulia Dionysus with sileni in a vineyard. Attic black-figure amphora attributed to the Priam Painter, last quarter of century BC. From Monte Abetone (Etruria).

Just how classic IS the wine bottle? This post explores the most widely used wine vessels throughout history:

This post explores the history and evolution of wine containers.

When the Romans first arrived in northern Europe they were dismissive of beer, with Caesar writing a poem in which he argued the grain-based beverage smelled of goat, but as they eventually acquired a taste for it, even building their own breweries. They regarded beer as a gift from Ceres, the goddess of agriculture.  It was a potion that imparted strength, ’vis’ to the drinker, so cerevisia was literally a gift of strength from the goddess. Praise indeed from a bunch of wine drinkers.

Shipping wine in Roman Gaul: amphoras (top) were the traditional Mediterranean vessels, but the Gauls introduced the use of barrels. ahh the French must always do things their way.

Grape cultivation, winemaking, and commerce in ancient Egypt ca. 1500 BCE

History of wine - Grape cultivation, winemaking, and commerce in ancient Egypt BC

Oz Clarke, History of Wine

The history of wine in 100 bottles by Oz Clarke. The history of wine has been…

What the actual heck!? XD This caught me so off guard!!

10 Fresh Single Memes!#5 Why Fat Man Lives Longer Than Single Man?

Single memes: Who needs a boy friend if you have a bottle of wine? The feeling of attending your friend's wedding.

A History of Graphic Design: Chapter 61 : A History of Wine Labels

Line of wine labels with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). It´s been used geometrical compositions made with bottles in different shapescolors in metallic ink to characterize each wine.

The History Of Wine In 40 Seconds - ANIMATED GIF | VinePair

The History Of Wine In 40 Seconds - ANIMATED GIF

Watch wine spread around the world — over the course of years — in a 40 second Animated GIF! Explore our interactive timeline as well.

The Historical Evolution Of Wine Bottles

The 8,000 Year History Of Wine Transport And Storage

Tread the timeline of our favourite beverage with our History of Beer! https://alehorn.com                                                                                                                                                      More  #craftbeer #beer

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

History of wine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

GREEK TRADE The Hallstatt Celts traded widely with Ancient Greece. Pottery, such as this amphora, was particularly desired. Greek historians were the first to write about the Keltoi. Roman historians later called them Gauls.