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Hogan's Heroes Man in Leather Jacket with Two Men in Army Suit Television Photo - 23 x 30 cm

Hogans heroes march

March from Hogan's Heros

MeTV Network | 13 fun behind-the-scenes photos from 'Hogan's Heroes'

13 fun behind-the-scenes photos from 'Hogan's Heroes'

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(I can't remember which episode it was, but when Newkirk and Lebau were impersonating German guards, and Newkirk spoke in German despite not actually knowing it was hilarious!

Hogan's Heroes

Hogan and Newkirk-- There will be trouble. The two mischief makers are in the building. (Epic friendship material, right there.

Bob Crane & GSD from Hogan's Heroes

Bob Crane and a German shepherd~from Season 1 episode: The Late Inspector General