DIY Lamp Shade idea Glue the switch plate to the threaded rods

11 Ingenious DIY lighting fixtures to try out this week-end. Really like the woven wood lamp. And the expandable industrial lamp.

crafts made from lamp shade frames | homemade-lamp-shade-ideas.jpg

From Polly Infatuated, plastic and one template (cut out and repeated 28 times - slightly longer pieces for the middle ring and shorter ones for the outside.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (32 Pics)

25 Great DIY Home Crafts Tutorials

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diy lace chandelier | DIY Lace Chandelier Light! | Lifestyle Amour

DIY Lace Chandelier Light!

Refinishing lamps with paint and making new lampshades... w dye.   Chris loves Julia: Oh My Lampa!

Oh My Lampa!

Chris loves Julia: Oh My Lampa! - Spray painted base and ombre shade.she totally remade the shade!

Homemade lamp shade. DOING this for our bedroom

Simply Ciani: Shabby Chic Lamp Shade Perfect for a Nursery ( I am going to try to make this for my baby's nursery. I could use oink or white for the rosettes)

DIY pin-pricked lampshade, with certain holes augmented by GEMS! SO ADORABLE!

5 lamps you can handmake to add sculptural surrealism at home

Scrappy Homemade Lamp Shade |

Scrappy Homemade Lamp Shade

This Scrappy Homemade Lamp Shade is a colorful alternative to your basic light cover.

Creatively Living Yarned Lampshade

Crazy for Color Fabulous Features

Make Your Own Pretty Handmade Chandelier

Make Your Own Pretty Handmade Chandelier