I made this cleaning schedule for our household, followed it today and it helped me SO much.  I have discovered in the past few years that I am a checklist kind of girl and I get amazing gratificat…

Balancing between so many responsibilities and chores is never easy when you are a working mom. Easy Cleaning schedule for working moms.

BASIC CLEANING SCHEDULE - Need to stick to this.                                                                                                                                                      More

The Most Amazing Cleaning Schedules Ever

[Infographic] Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

Proper home maintenance will keep you from costly repairs. Here is an annual checklist you can stick to when performing your house duties.

Let’s get real, cleaning anything and everything can be a bit of a hassle (or it’s just a task we’re not up…

10 Graphs That Will Make you Pro at Cleaning Anything

Th ese 10 Cleaning Hacks that every girl should know are SO GOOD! I'm so glad I found this GREAT POST! I've already gotten a stain out of my favorite dress that I NEVER thought would come out! So glad I found this!

Great tips for making your home look professionally cleaned... includes free printable cleaning schedule! Perfect for a working mom or stay at home mom.

How I Make My Home Look Professionally Cleaned (in under an hour a day

Don't waste an entire day cleaning your house! Keep to this weekly schedule and do a little bit everyday.

A Day-By-Day Guide To Keeping Your Home Spotless And Your Mind Sane