Witch Huntress Canvas Corset Halloween Costume!  This is one of thee coolest, most bad-ass additions to our wicked witch huntress costumes we have come across.  We've got a few more we're going to break out for the vampire huntress and werewolf huntress Halloween costumes that we're creating at our site!  Stay tuned and stop by often please.  PartyIdeasForHalloween.com

Prepare to head off on an adventure when you wear the Steampunk Jute Overbust Corset with Detachable Belt & Jacket! This corset shows off a natural fiber material, giving it a textured appearance.

The Look: Neverland - "Off to Neverland" by Amber Bauerle for Child Model Magazine

" "The priestess of a sister tribe," Dimeke replied, "She was born on the day the priestess died and they believe the priestess' soul entered her and was born again." "And she is Meshan?

“Huntress” — Photographer: Mark Hamilton Designer/Model: Kay Buchanan…

“Huntress” — Photographer: Mark Hamilton Photography Designer/Model: Leather Creations by Kay Buchanan Hair: Shay Kapur - KTIZO

To the Renaissance fair!!!! Eventually I want to be an archer or a pirate. :D Maid Marian!

To the Renaissance fair! Eventually I want to be an archer or a pirate.except for the gauntlets. She probably won't get the gauntlets.

DIY Cape :: Little Red Riding Hood  | www.LifeAnnStyle.com

DIY Costume Cape (Little Red Riding Hood?) This cape is perfect for the huntress costume that I had in mind for a Halloween party, but made with the the right materials, hooded capes can be worn over a coat for added warmth during the winter.