The icecream cone model... There so much under the surface which is unseen

ice cream art with iceberg and orca whales - Ice Cream Iceberg. Illustration by Nacho Diaz

A Study of Ice Cream Print 13x19 by shopannshen on Etsy

Ice cream is always a good idea. This illustrated art print that features a study of 24 classic ice cream flavors would be a perfect addition to your

photography project: mash up 2 fields that normally don't mix. e.g. painting and ice cream. love this. now, if only i could think of anything else!

One of my very favorite colors.and my absolute favorite ice cream too- mint chocolate chip. Love this picture, such an interesting photo!

annabarlowceramics1.jpg (584×1304)

anna barlow (The Jealous Curator)

Via The Jealous Curator: Anna Barlow Ceramic sculptures of ice cream

***Try a '99, no ice cream was complete without a flake! When we went to England in 2012, I ordered a 99 - which is now 2 pounds!

Try a '99 Iconic Ice Cream Tin Sign