The 7 Worst Natural Disasters Of The Last Decade

An image of the catastrophic reality of the force that comes with earthquakes. This photo, from the October Kashmir Earthquake, shows a building toppled completely to its side and the tragic rescue efforts that ensued.

57 maps that will challenge what you thought you knew about the world

More than 100 years of earthquakes glow on a world map. - This map shows earthquakes magnitude or greater since each is marked in a lightning-bug hue that glows brighter with increasing

Financial Earthquakes and East Coast Tremblers

Path of an Earthquake Alaska . U know what I get from this picture ? Even though part of it is broken , as a complete, whole picture , it's still very beautiful ♡

Floral image created by earthquake - WTF fun facts Of course little kids wreck things, at least they got to take a picture before it got ruined

Don't let this stop you from visiting beautiful California. "In a massive magnitude earthquake ruptured the entire San Andreas Fault in Northern California." A visible tear in the earth.

Lotta Crabtree was a major singer-actress in the earning up to a week and when she died in 1924 she left an estate worth 4 million. She donated a fountain to San Fran at Market & Kearny where people meet to mark the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake.

A huge whirlpool traps a boat in a harbour near Oarai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, north eastern Japan. The vortex, which lasted several hours, formed as water drained away after the tsunami and channels on the sea bed created the spinning water

T'birds fall out of finals - ABC Grandstand Sport - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Earthquake, tsunami strike Japan

Japan Black with muck scoured from the harbor, the first tsunami wave pours over a seawall in Miyako, carrying vans and boats. Japan's defenses were no match for waves far higher than scientists had predicted

April The Great San Francisco earthquake decimates the city killing thousands. Remember earth do this all the time.

How tsunami occurs essay topics Cause & Effect Essay. Tsunamis can be caused by landslides or volcanic eruptions that occur on the ocean floor, a tsunami can displace people.

Energy Box is an earthquake-proof passive house built of cross-laminated timber

Energy Box is an earthquake-proof passive house built of cross-laminated timber : TreeHugger:

Funfetti Earthquake Cake "explodes" while baking causing a volcanic effect of craters. Uses vanilla chips, cheesecake layer, coconut & Funfetti cake mix.