Paste Pusher Animals by makeplace. (3d printing 3dprint ideas)

Let's Push some Paste! Paste Pusher Animals will help save the world one tooth paste tube at the time! Slide one of these Paste Pushers onto the

Impression 3D choix plastique

Compare the main FDM printing plastics - PLA, ABS, PET, Nylon, TPU (Flexible) and PC - by material properties and find the best option for your application.

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Tareq mirza bud-E 3D printed printing kickstarter dog cat earphones printed in 3D puddy kitty 1

Tareq mirza bud-E printed printing kickstarter dog cat earphones printed in puddy kitty 1

This is soooo cool! Take a 3D printer to make  letterpress plates for this stampomatica!

Imprimez vos tampons avec une imprimante 3D et Stampomatica !

The 12 Most Ingenious Uses for Products Made from 3D Design

Second Life Mug This handle is part of Project RE_ upcycling in the age of printing, perfectly adapted to a European classic - the jar from Bonne Maman. Original idea by Samuel N. Bernier, creative director of leFabShop.


34 pots de fleurs originaux qui vous donneront envie de vous mettre au vert

Cute Robot Succulent Planter Sitting Robbie the Robot Planter sitting. How will you personalize cute Robbie the robot planter by styling his hair with succulents, herbs or cactus? in sandstone, this cute figurine makes a great gift

BIM Agency 3D Printed Greeting Card 3D

Inspiration graphique #2 : 30 cartes de voeux originales pour vous donner des idées !

2. Les joints pour construire des étagères

TOP 10 des modèles qui ont marqué l’impression en 2015 -

Soap holder printed with PLA, two pieces detachable and washable.  The pattern of the plate has been made with the infill tool of Slicer.

Stuck for ideas for what to print? Bored of pointless printer projects? A list of cool things to print which are genuinely useful.