She is BEAUTIFUL!! Indiana Evans as Bella - h2o. I love the show H2O

Bella (Indiana Evens) Is such a pretty girl who is great at singing. I wanna be like her but a gymnast and/or a singer;

Indiana R. Evans as Rosabelle Smithfield

Indiana Evans. +3 si le das!

Ariel Mason works at the local cafe, dreaming of one day being able to sing or bake like Ross O'Malley. Ariel is also very renowned for how effortlessly pretty she is, although her real secret is ordering expensive face washes off of the Internet. She's always had a life long crush on one of the residents, but she won't say who. She's 20 years old.

I've been obsessed by feminine beauty my entire life! This is my never-ending collection of glamour and spontaneous photography that causes me to catch my breath of times a day.