hey im Harley,im 17 and single ,i love to have fun and do bad things,jase is my brother

Blonde scene hair I want the color!

Pretty red hair

Red messy wavy indie scene hair with side bangs long hair

I freaking love indie scene hair soooo much!

I freaking love indie scene hair soooo much! Want hair color!

Indie Scene and Stuff

I love blond hair.

Stained / Hands / Dyed / Hair

Space buns half hair so I dig it

Grunge. Girl. Outfit. Cardigan. Sweater. Stripes. Thigh High Socks. Blue Denim Shorts. BOY. Bird. Boots.

Maybe shorter socks

My hair is about this length. Ive been needing to find a cute Indie Scene style for it. I think I found it!

My hair is about this length. Ive been needing to find a cute Indie Scene style…

This girl is adorable, she reminds me of Luna Lovegood. I love white hair!

Alternative colored hair alternative girl coloured hair emo scene blue hair pale scene girl Emo Girl colourful hair medusa piercing lip piercing alternative girls scene girls emo girls blue and white hair

indie scene hair | Tumblr. Give me a longer version of this hair ...

Funny how I hate spiders , but want spider bites !

I hope you're safe in heaven Rosie, fall into God's embrace and never be sad again. We love you. Rest in peace.

Indie scene hair and luv the outfit and nose piercing

I could tell you what I love about this, but that would take too long. What DON'T I like? Nothing♥

blonde flower flowers tattooed Alternative alternative girl tattooed girl blondes tatted tatted up flower tattoo tattooed girls alternative .

indie scene hair - Google Search

'indie scene hair' ~ lovin the color

indie/scene hair... Love the color and length! I love the swooshness of the bangs...

cool short scene hairstyles for girls with pink hair colors - Women Hairstyle Trends 2014

Paramore indie scene outfit

Paramore indie scene outfit Anyone who knows me knows I luff Paramore!

medium length indie scene hair | Rebecca For Hair

I'm crushing hard, but I've only said hi to him and he'll never like me. He already cuddles with other girls *sighs*

Indie scene hair

Pretty hair and I like that sweater