Meanwhile in Iowa....

Yeah, I am not quite sure how Florida thinks it is cold when it is 50 degrees outside, because I live in Iowa and I was indeed wearing shorts today.

Iowa>>Indiana>>Arizona>>Alabama>>Kentucky>>Canada>> Florida<<Maine>>Washington>> California>>Tennessee>>Texas!✌️>>Illinois>>>mississippi>>>Melbourne>>back to Kentucky>>back to Kentucky again>>back to Iowa>>Pennsylvania:)>>Oregon!!!>>South Carolina>>Wisconsin

Iowa>>Indiana>>Arizona>>Alabama>>Kentucky>>Canada>> Florida<<Maine>>Washington>> California>>Tennessee>>Texas>>Illinois>>>mississippi>>>Melbourne>>back to Kentucky>>Buffalo>>Oregon>>Ohio>>South Carolina>>ontario>>>Maryland>>>>Massachusetts>>Nevada>>Alaska

Fucking gold

Fucking gold

Bohemian Iowa wedding at the Rustic Rose Barn

We're Not Horsing Around, This Iowa Barn Wedding is a Rustic Bohemian Dream

State Pride Iowa Funny Novelty T Shirt Z11746 by RogueAttire, $18.99

State Pride: Iowa Funny Novelty T Shirt Z11746

Everybody gets a meme

Found on

Everybody gets a meme

Midwest Forecast- So stinking true!

Midwest Forecast

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