Italy food map showing where and what to eat in Italy (2)

The Ultimate Map Of What To Eat In Italy And Where!

Italy is one incredible country to visit and I'm not going to tell any porky pies by saying otherwise! It's one of Europe's most diverse countries, with completely different landscapes, culture andweather. This big boot

Da Remo pizza in Rome

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Italy

Da Remo pizza in Rome brings back holds truth to the roots of Italian culture with homemade, Italian cooking.

Katie Parla’s cacio e pepe

Mario Batali's Guide to Eating in Rome

Mario Batali & Katie Parla's Guide To Eating In Rome - Condé Nast Traveler


The 12 Best Street Foods in Italy

12 Best Street Food in Italy ~ Zeppole — essentially deep-fried balls of dough, said to have originated in Naples, but you can find them on street corners across Italy

italy's food!

Every Foodie: Italian Food Travel Guide

Reprenez tous les vêtements de ce tableau, et ajoutez une taille... Merci!

I love the wonderful flavors. The best thing to do with a cone piled high with gelato is to get lost on the streets of Rome, passing the most interesting fountains and people. I love Roma!<< Italia is a fun place to visit~

Amo la mia Italia!                                                                                                                                                      Más

Food Map of Italy

Travel map illustration by Esther Loopstra showing the food from various regions of Italy. Created in a whimsical style, this fun map creates depth with texture and color. Lovely hand lettering and hand drawn line too!

Suppli is regarded as one of Rome's best street foods. Learn why and get a recipe for these tasty Roman foods on the Eating Italy Travel Blog

Rome's Favourite Street Food - Suppli (including a recipe)

Rome's Favourite Street Food - Suppli -direct from our friends at Eating Italy Food Tours. Supply is a ball of rice (generally risotto) with tomato sauce and raw egg.

Antipasto platters at Nessun Dorma Restaurant in Manarola, Cinque Terre

A Guide to Exploring Cinque Terre

Antipasto and colourful houses above the rocky coastline - I know I will love Cinque Terre!

A guide of all the best places to see and to eat when visiting Rome in Italy!

Discovering Rome’s Best-Kept Secrets

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Rome (Infographic)

The Essential Travel Guide to Rome (Infographic)

hand-carved avocado | Daniele Barresi

Web coolness: The best fries, safely transporting wine to picnics, and more

This avocado took Daniele Barresi (Bagnara Calabra, RC, Italy) an hour to hand-carve

To kick off Food & Wine’s exciting new partnership with Phaidon, Where to Eat Pizza writer Daniel Young created this exclusive Italian pizza bucket list to add to your life goals. It’s possible to knock out several iconic spots in and around Naples, but his picks will lead you to must-visit stops in popular destinations like Rome, Florence, Milan and beyond.

20 Pizzas to Eat in Italy Before You Die

Sforno, Rome Eat: Cacio e Pepe (Pecorino Romano cheese and ground black pepper); the Greenwich (Stilton and port reduction)