James Cook // Skins // Generation 2

James Cook // Skins // Generation good sweater for josh.

James Cook - Rising from the ashes, for one last showdown.

Skins Rise, SOOO glad they put this in, I feel like Cook was the only one that still had parts of his younger self in him. Effy and Cassie seemed to have changed far too much to be realistic

Cook from skins I hated this kids character all season until that scene at the end... With the baseball bat!

Jack O' Connell's character Cook from the british show Skins seasons 3 + 4

In 1768 Lieutenant James Cook left England on-board the Endeavour on his first sea exploration of the Pacific Ocean.He carried secret instructions from the British Admiralty  to chart the coastline of a large land believed to exist in the southern latitudes.He circumnavigated  New Zealand and soon sailed into Botany Bay, Australia. COMPULSARY LEARNING IN SCHOOLS.

In 1768 Lieutenant James Cook left England on-board the Endeavour on his first…

James Cook // Skins Rise

James Cook // Skins Rise James Cook, you're one incredible character

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Skins: Sexiest

Meet Jack O'Connell, the Unknown Actor Angelina Jolie Cast As Her Leading Man

Captain James Cook became the first European to visit the Hawaiian Islands on Jan 18, 1778.

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Captain James Cook November 1728 – 14 February was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy.

I love Cookie. I want to love him and never let anything bad happen to him again.

Jack O'Connell as Cook in Skins. At first I really hated him, but that changed when I got to know his past and his family situation. And in the end, he's the hero and the best friend you could wish for.