Jamie Dornan... no one cares about this 50 shades crap...he'll always be The Huntsman!

no one cares about this 50 shades crap.he'll always be The Huntsman! He's doing 50 shades fans a favor cuz no one else wanted the role!

Jamie Dornan - "So..." I completely forgot what I was saying...  hhmmm Yeah!

Jamie Dornan said he stalked a woman in real life to prepare for his role as a serial killer!

Top 3 SEXIEST moment of Christian Grey.  http://the50shadesofgreypdf.org/fifty-shades-of-grey-jamie-dornan-and-dakota-johnson-talk-being-naked-on-set-today/

holy shit, playroom jeans (need to be a little more tattered though)

King Julius Windsor of the United Kingdom, Age 35 [FC: Jamie Dornan]

King Julius Windsor of the United Kingdom, Age 35 [FC: Jamie Dornan]

The Fall | Best crime series since Luther | 9.7/10

Is The Fall the only thriller on TV more terrifying than The Missing

Jamie Dornan get better looking with age... #JamieDornan

Just like fine wine, Jamie only gets better with age. (Credit to the owner of the pic)

Jamie Dornan is now a bonafide box office star thanks to "Fifty Shades of Grey," but the 32-year-old actor spent a stretch of his 20s in Los Angeles trying to make it as an actor. During a two-hour...

‘Fifty Shades’ Star Jamie Dornan on the Time He Drunk Auditioned for ‘Rock of Ages’

Netflix will premiere war thriller "Jadotville," starring Jamie Dornan ("Fifty Shades of Grey"), across all its territories in The film is slated to go into production in April, shooting in I.

Jamie Dornan Photos Photos - Actor Jamie Dornan speaks during Variety Studio…

Jamie Dornan Photos Photos: Variety Emmy Studio - Day 2