Put the bed away every morning, and voila! the room becomes whatever else you want! from here: http://mn_nihongo.tripod.com/oshi_ire.html

In many Japanese households, people still sleep on mattresses that are folded and stored away during the day.

EMOOR Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set, Twin Size. Made in Japan

Shikibuton Buyer's Guide: The Traditional Japanese Futon Mattress

The Japanese Shikifuton mattress makes a cozy, minimalist sanctuary.

great for the newest story w/ alph //The Japanese Shikifuton mattress makes a cozy, minimalist sanctuary.

Maintain a Japanese Futon Steps

Maintain a Japanese Futon

Futon How to Maintain a Japanese Futon Daybeds, Futons & Sleeper Sofas: 12 Resources for Small Space Sleeping — Weekend…

The Shikibuton Japanese futon is a traditional bed usually used on tatamis and folded during the day to be stored. The cotton compresses over time and offers a firm comfort. In the West, these futons are used more often by persons who are looking for a very firm and grounded sleeping surface or travelers that have experienced this type of comfort. They also make a very convenient and stylish guest bed. Made of four layers of cotton fiber. Available in various materials. Can easily...

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This full slipcover made in cotton, covers the two sides of your futon. Well protected, your futon will last longer (a futon cannot be washed! Equipped with zippers on its three sides, it is very simple to remove the cotton slipcover, for cleaning regul

What a nice family or kids sleeping room! awesome!

Tokyo : Minä Perhonen

A place for sleepovers: .or as my friends call them, "sleep-unders"