Damn he is so fine

Jason forgot what he was going to tell you to forget!

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Jason Momoa Photos Photos: "The Devil's Double" Screening

Jason Momoa:  “I wasn’t raised by a man. I was raised by a single mother my whole life. It’d be ridiculous for me to say that I didn’t believe in it. They’re the strongest beings in the world.”

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Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. I'm here to fill out a khaleesi application.

I mean, MY GOD Jason Momoa!

When I posted this image on our fan page, it created a stir and had various opinions from our sexy ladies. It was a split decision and I do believe that Jason Momoa deserves a place on the Drool Fest. Jason Momoa is not only a sexy American actor.

Jason Momoa ~ Wolves | AStoKo

Jason Momoa ~ Wolves by AStoKo I would little red riding hood the shit out a this wolf

37 times Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones) was so hot, we almost called the fire department.

43 Times Jason Momoa Was So Hot, We Almost Called the Fire Department

37 Times Jason Momoa Was So Hot, We Almost Called the Fire Department: When first feasting your eyes upon Jason Momoa, there are a few possible reactions: fainting, drooling, or calling 911 because he set your heart on fire.

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Jason Momoa's Adorable Family Snaps Make It Obvious That He's One Proud Papa

Can You Make It Through 23 Shirtless Jason Momoa Photos Without Passing Out?

Jason Momoa, From Dodai Stewart's man objectification board, which although way…

Lúomo Vogue Magazine Pictures from Topanga Canyon Stories from the Road Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet - puppy!

{    JASON MOMOA AND HENRY CAVILL'S BUDDING BROMANCE IS DEVELOPING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES    }   #ENews ..... "Henry Cavill seemed legitimately surprised when Jason Momoa grabbed him from behind at the London premiere of Suicide Squad."....  http://www.eonline.com/news/785645/jason-momoa-and-henry-cavill-s-budding-bromance-is-developing-before-our-very-eyes

Jason Momoa & Henry Cavill's Bromance Develops Before Our Eyes

Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill at the 'Suicide Squad' Premiere in London

Nothing like a sexy, smart man! Jason Momoa My celeb crush :) I would faint. <3 Be still my beating heart!

Nothing like a sexy, smart man! Jason Momoa - Lisa Bonet is a lucky woman!