SPN10 Countdown Challenge: Favourite Dean Caps 2/23 9.02 Devil May Care

detective-winchester: “ jacklesonmymind: “ lost-shoe: “ Countdown Challenge: Favourite Dean Caps Devil May Care ” dean’s face packs a punch right in my feels … ” it packs a punch right.

.@jarpad "All you have to do is call And I'll be there You've got a friend"   #AlwaysKeepFighting

Kel🐾 on

“These guys ☺️. Spending their summer vacation hanging with fans 👍🏼👊🏼! No show or actors are this awesome ❤️

Jensen Ackles as a FIREMAN! Im losing my mind! The bf is rolling his eyes at me.

AEC: Tattooed hotties (27 photos)

I think I died a little. i would set fire to my house.just for this guy to save me.

Jensen Ackles (@jensenackles) on Instagram: “For my daughter JJ. Aka J-Bird or simply “Birdie”.”

"Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles sits for some ink! bluejay bird tattoo for his oldest daughter, Justice Jay ~ "For my daughter JJ. Aka J-Bird or simply 'Birdie'.

Been told this is a manipulated photo, shame, it's awesome. http://pompei77.deviantart.com/art/JEN-216056926

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this really sexy man is Jensen Ackles. <<<<< Hell yeah it is, I'd know that Sexy jaw line anywhere. And the lips.