movie music box  - I had one that sang "My name is Michael, I've got a nickel, I've got a nickel, shiny and new....! I'm going to buy me, all sorts of candy, that's what I'm going to do!

Fisher Price Tv Music box ~ I remember this, but not sure if we had one or if it was a toy in one of the church nurseries I've been to.

Howard Johnson Motor Lodge, 1960s. Another example of striking roadside architecture we'll probably never be lucky enough to see again. We spent our wedding night at a Howard Johnson's fifty years ago.

Howard Johnson’s Was Cool in the 1960s

Vintage Ad for Howard Johnson's Motor Lodges - 28 flavors of ice cream; Always hated the food but loved the ice cream!

Bright Green Door Blog: Craftsman versus Ranch Remodel Decisions

Craftsman versus Ranch Remodel Decisions

Before & After home renovation. A covered porch adds curb appeal. In case I ever remodel a ranch style house !

Twiggy.  She started the fashion of wearing eye makeup like this and painting flowers on our faces.

Charlotte Tilbury is One of the 500 People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry in 2017

Norman Norell  (American, Noblesville, Indiana 1900–1972 New York) Date: fall/winter 1968–69

Evening Dress Norman Norell (American) ca. fall/ winter 1968 Mother of the bride style!

dr who « Ben's Collection of Everything Awesome on the Net.

History Of The Doctor’s Companions (Infographic)

The Ultimate Doctor Who Companion Info-graphic. Kinda fun and interesting. Clearly someone has way too much time on their hands.

Ancient label making technology! Sometimes the letters would come out only partly stamped snf and you would have to make a new label

DYMO Label Makers who was the KING of DIY. I have such fond memories whenever I see a vintage DYMO label.

madame gres dress - Google Search

Evening dress Designer: Madame Grès (Alix Barton) (French, Paris Var region) Date: late Culture: French Medium: silk Dimensions: L. at center front in. cm) Credit Line: Gift of Chessy Rayner, 1997

Joanna Gaines Says Last Night's Fixer-Upper Is One of Her All-Time Favorites

Joanna Gaines Says the Latest Fixer-Upper Project Is One of Her All-Time Favorites

Joanna Gaines Says Last Night's Fixer-Upper Is One of Her All-Time Favorites

This is the style of lawn chair I grew up with. Nothing fancy.

Old School Lawn Chair I had this exact chair and I think I still have it some where: )