"Everything Burns" The Joker - The Dark Knight

"Everything Burns" The Joker - The Dark Knight I remember this part, that black guy.I could see it in his eyes he was sooo mad that joker burned all that money lol.

The Dark Knight, the joker is so disgustingly beautiful.

My favourite of the Joker& lines from The Dark Knight. An amazing performance from Heath Ledger, but an tragic end befalled him. This movie will always be remembered by everyone because he made this special.

FUN FACT: This was improvised. The building was meant to explode and come down in one go and the crew had one take to get it right. When the explosions malfunctioned, Ledger reacted in character, and Nolan urged his crew to keep filming. By pure chance, it resulted in one of the greatest moments in the movie, and a moment that perfectly showcased Joker's archaic nature and Ledger's sheer talent.

Heath Ledger’s sheer talent…

Funny pictures about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Oh, and cool pics about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Also, Heath Ledger's sheer talent.