Phil Jackson with the boys, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls

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Michael and Michael. This has got to be one of the most amazing photos i have ever seen..

Michael Jackson Michael Jordan in the set of the music video Jam

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I liked this quote but I also like swag basketball shoes. I don't like any other shoes though rather than nike Adidas under armour and great athletic brands. High tops or low top bball shoes NO highheels

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It was so nice to see Michael in his music video Jam ,he looked like he was really having fun and i thought it was cute that he tried teaching Michael Jordan the Moonwalk :')

Michael Jordan x Macaulay Culkin x Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, Macaulay Culkin And Michael Jordan Pose In The Most Photo Ever Taken -- I may not be old enough to have this actually in my childhood, but I remember these guys from the

NBA -- Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson - ESPN

Kobe Bryant and the Triangle

Must have this at the counseling center, maybe only in the changing room though?

Pink Metallic Toilet and Sink - While looking for a pink sink to use outside on a potting table I ran across this. Bet I wouldn't have to worry about any boy peeing on this toilet.

BOMB Magazine — Ben Berlow by Lanny Jordan Jackson

Ben Berlow [USA] (b ~ "Untitled", Casein, latex emulsion on paper x 26 cm).