K anime << on my to watch list. can someone rate this for me in the comments pls? thanks XD

K Anime Project Gah this anime is frustrating. stupid characters with hardly no back story or motivation. stupid anime not explaining anythng .

Suoh Mikoto, the Red King from K

SUOH MIKOTO by ~White-corner on deviantART Ps. Kinda reminds me of Kyukoro from before the fall

K project, shiro x kuroh, look at this picture and try and tell me theyre not canon i mean hes feeding him and just ugh ♡

K Project (Kuroh Yatogami, Yashiro Isana, Neko (K Project))

Misaki, when u cry I cry ;-; <== Seriously though every time that he cried I was about to cry and I don't cry a lot

Such a sad ending to the beautiful anime tho)