a closer look at yesterday's makeup for those asking for better reference photos if you try this look out for yourself make sure to tag me in it so I can see! I always miss things if I'm only mentioned in the caption/comments

Korean Big Eye Circle Lenses: Korean Skin Care & Makeup - More in www.uniqso.com: Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Using Big Eye Circle Lenses

I keep emphasizing "gradient lips" as a key to K-beauty, but never mentioned how it's done. Well, here it is! Gradient Lip Tutorial from RinnieRiot

60+ tendances maquillage de l'hiver 2018

60+ tendances maquillage de l'hiver 2018

puppy eye makeup - Google Search

Makeup Concept for Momo. 'Puppy Eye' is popular in Korea for making your eyes appear bigger than they seem.

kawaii makeup

5 Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You Must Try

Love this look: Flushed cheeks, faux freckles, doll eyes, and gradient lips. Other current Korean makeup trends in the website link.