Once Radha got false anger with Krishna as He did not come to meet her for long! She became very slim and weak because of the absence of Krishna for long! Actually, Krishna did so, to perform a lila with Radha!  After waiting for a few days for Krishna, Radha sat alone inside her home and instructed all her associate gopis:   “Hey Gopis! All of you stand as protection outside our house! Kanha is playing a game with me now! He will come here one day! He can not remain without me! But, when…

Krishna in Disguise Placates Abhimanini Radha (Reprint on Paper - Unframed))

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RADHA KRISHNA made sure Kali Demon was a myth, never to exist again or coul dnever have children or was just a drawing for something. No Kali Demon, No Kali Goddess ever!

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I am the song in sacred lore, I am the king of deities I am the priest of great seers…" This is how Lord Krishna describes God in the Holy Gita. And to most Hindus he is the God himself

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A Babaji is always meditating on the Sri Sri Radha Krsna's loving pastimes. Mentally, he visualizes himself as a young Gopi (manjari) in the service of the Divine Couple