I think I like her style this way the best.  Absolutely stunning!  plastic surgery or not, she's still some hot sh!t... girl crush

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We're obsessed with Kylie Jenner's hair. You're obsessed with Kylie Jenner's hair.it's just sort of an unspoken understanding that we all.

Making them green with envy: Kylie Jenner the younger's hair certainly made her stand out from the crowd

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Making them green with envy: Kylie Jenner's hair certainly made her stand out from the crowd

Wonder if my hair is long enough to pull something like this off

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Kylie Jenner - 'Kylie Hair Kouture' Launch in Beverly Hills ...

Kylie Jenner – ‘Kylie Hair Kouture’ Launch in Beverly Hills – November 2014

I love to do this to my hair. I love that color. Kylie Jenner looking elegantly gothic with this blue dip dye!

Photo: Frazer Harrison/ By Danielle Odiamar It seems like every other day someone is dying her hair a different color of the rainbow. After seeing Kylie Jenner’s bright greenish blue hair, I knew that this was the color I’d been waiting for.

Yes, because when I think of "big butt", I think of a woman who looks exactly like this. Exactly.

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Turquoise hair- I envy people who can do fun colors like this. If you work in any kind of professional setting, turquoise hair wouldn't be allowed. But it'd be fun.

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I'm obsessed with Kylie's blue hair.

Kylie Jenner Tweaked Her Hair Color???You Like?