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use curved landscape border, fill in with dwarf shrubs, ground cover, steeping stones and mulch/rock. Only rocks for the stepping stones, bricks instead of steeping stones and a potted plant where the maple tree is.

pennisetum alopescuroides "hameln" dwarf fountain grass sun clumps 2 ft tall

17 Top Ornamental Grasses

White Fountain Grass, lemon grass, and Chinese Maidenhair grass. Mexican feather grass and stipa is invasive, use chinese maidenhair instead.

An array of plants creating privacy around a patio deck.

Tall Plants for a Privacy Fence

Trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, bamboos and vines can all provide privacy in a garden. Evergreen plants are best for year-round color and screening. A hedge of multi-stemmed.

Border around patio edges

15 Luxury and Classy Mediterranean Patio Designs

It might be best known as a key beer ingredient, but the hop vine brings good taste to a #garden, too. #landscaping

10 Fast-Climbing Vines for Your Garden

Hops (Humulus lupulus) Zones In mid to late summer, its large leaves are joined by chartreuse cones (borne only on female plants) that deliver as much drama as any flower. Plus, this baby can climb 12 inches per day, topping out at around 25 feet.

Here are some of the special touches found around the side of the house lately.

How To Make The Most Of Your Side Yard

How To Make The Most Of Your Side Yard Make walking from your front yard to the back an experience to remember with ideas for this oft-neglected landscape area