This is the last part of the prologue!! Equestria's newest princess has been named! Background, story, words: Art: me Prologue (part 3):… A Radiant Future is a...

not much, but this is just a transition into a scene full of cuteness. story by art by: me A Radiant Future is a non-. A Radient Future (Chapter A Radient Suprise)

Starlight Glimmer by xebck on DeviantArt

When I saw Starlight Glimmer for the first time. I was like Since when did Aria Blaze become a pony? Then I realized it was Starlight glimmer

#1129471 - artist:conflei, cute, safe, shipping, starburst (pairing), starlight glimmer, sunburst - Derpibooru - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard

I literally submitted a short little shipfic to fimfiction about these two yesterday Oh glorious shipping How I love you

May Festival Pony - Cadence by on @deviantART

Finally XD I'm working on her since.well forever XD But today I can finished the gorgeous Princess Cadence After Luna she is my favorite Princess. May Festival Pony - Cadence