The good and bad of being a lefty....oh, and the last one (at least from what I heard) is usually b/c of accidents; especially with things made for right-handed people.

Left-Handed People Have More Fun [Infographic]

This infographic provides information about left handed people. It provides random facts that include the percentage of left handed people and the ten

The 15 Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed<< but some of them are not realistic. I can use a mouse and crank a pencil sharpener. And even eat elbow to elbow with a righty and not actually elbow them. Also, I'm a really good lefties handed second baseman. So that cancels that one. Just saying.

The 15 Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed

Ever wondered where my business name “South Paw Studios” comes from?  Just like my business tagline “Left-handmade. Right-mind Designed,” “South Paw” refers to my left-handedness. It's a baseball term that describes players that pitch with their left hand. I like to think that my left-handed craftsmanship + my right-brained creativity make a great combination.

I'm Left Handed.... What's your superpower?

Ever wondered where my business name “South Paw Studios” comes from? Just like my business tagline “Left-handmade. Right-mind Designed,” “South Paw” refers to m

15 facts about left handed people you may not of known about.

15 Facts About Left Handed People. I Bet You Didn't Know #6...

Fact About Left-Handed Person Right side of the brain is their strongest.

Ch 17- "You're left handed, Mr. Ewell" said Judge Taylor. Mr. Ewell turned angrily to the judge and said he didn't see what his being left-handed had to do with i, that he was a Christ fearing man and Atticus Finch was taking advantage of him" (Lee 237) Man vs. Man: Mr. Ewell vs Atticus

77 Amazing Facts That Will Make You The Most Interesting Person In The Room

Left-handed people - Multi-Taskers! ...I'm Ambidextrous! - gonna be rich! ~WTF! fun facts

I can only multi-task when playing with my favorite left-handed friend from E.

Time for some lefty pride.

17 Reasons Why Being Left-Handed is AWESOME

Left-handed people

A recent study shows that left handed people are more likely to have an IQ over Left-handers are also better at using both hands at once, and that may partly explain why it’s more common for them to be proficient musicians or professional.

My sister and my cousin were only born 21 days apart and they are the only left handed people in my family

Being Left Handed Is A Lot Weirder Than You Ever Knew

I'm a leftie and whenever the teachers say 'is anyone here left handed?' and I put my hand up, they always go 'there's always one'. Sorry I can't go with the majority of the population.

SOUTHPAW Here’s some fun facts about being a southpaw! 1. We...

# 6 - I always am amazed at the way commentators talk after a Presidential speech (any President).