"Awesome lego sculptures are awesome" I love legos!

Awesome lego sculptures are awesome

PokéMecha, LEGO Figures of Pokémon as Robot Mechs

PokéMecha, LEGO Figures of Pokémon as Robot Mechs

Stormbringer has created "PokéMecha," a collection of LEGO figures of robot mechs shaped like the original starter Pokémon: Charizard, Blastoise, and Venas

▶ Lego Pokeball (Pokemon) + Instructions - YouTube

Instructions on how to make a Pokeball from Pokemon out of Lego. Also, I accidentally messed up something about the quantities of which half-faces you need t.

i need to build this! <3 gabby

Pokemon's Pikachu gets a Lego up

While LEGO doesn't really have any official and licensed tie-ups with Pokemon, it doesn't stop expert LEGO builders like Fredoichi from maki.

pokemon legos | Pokemon creados con LEGO. - Learn to Say

Catch All the Blocks With Awesome Lego Pokemon by Filip Johannes Felberg