outgoing for the sake of my passionate ideas and projects that never reach completion. I prefer nights under the stars

I fall under the Cancer zodiac sign but never seem to fit any of those descriptions. Had I not been born a month early I would have been a Leo. A little more fitting I think. - Ok, how are you not a Leo Lamkin Ferrer ?

leo traits: you are proud, determined, loyal, generous, ambitious, fearless, creative, confident, seductive, enthusiastic, fiery, charismatic, headstrong, and responsible. but you can also be vain, bossy, stubborn, intolerant, self-centered, quick-tempered, pretentious.

Leo traits I don't think I'm self centered or pretentious, but everything else is prob.

Leo biggest fears. #never being able to see someone you love ever again. I miss you grandma

Gotta love being a Leo so true! I can't stand being ignored or disloyalty when given. LK Joslyn Martinez Martinez Hudak Lanfersieck Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Ruiz H Adique-Alarcon g Luv you guys!

A Leo's Best Job Quality: Knows how to take over and make sure things actually get done.

Every single boss/supervisor has said that taking control and getting things done is my biggest asset☺️

Very, very true!

Too true.I haven't been texting in weeks.bcus I don't wanna chat w/ the ppl texting me😏

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True, so if a Leo truly cares about u and ur one of their peeps, consider it a huge honor ;

Not a fear, fact, just the way I am and the way things have always been in my…

Not a fear, fact, just the way I am and the way things have always been.<< dang so truee

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A Leo can decide quickly if they like someone or not, if they don't like you then there's not a damn thing you can do about it

Damn right we do, I'd say we're pro all the most likely to get our hearts broken because of it too

Sometimes we need to romance ourselves & sweep our own feet off the ground (we are capable of this since we are so much life lovers). Expecting this from others can damage the Leo heart when they disappoint us.