Check out these posters I designed for libraries to encourage on-time book returns!

Encouraging Book Returns with Library Memes (with free printables!)

Literary Hoots: Encouraging Book Returns with Library Memes (with free printables!

Just like a long text message!

[a librarian handing a teen a book and saying "Just think of it as if you're reading a long text message.

I gotta do this in March, the 1st-7th. National Procrastination Week book display

15 Images That Prove Librarians Are the Funniest People Ever

"I was going to make a display for National Procrastination Week but." From Praisner Library! Idea for first week of march.

Because we all need to check ourselves out every now and then.

17 Jokes Only Library Lovers Will Understand

Discussions at the bookworm book club........ wie heißt das Buch, das Du zuetzt gelesen hast?

Discussions at the bookworm book club. Our monthly Wednesday night book group meetings don't quite go this way.

Yes, I need a librarian! Stop by the Library Assistance Desk on the 1st floor for help!


Morning Notes: Spelunking Edition — @100scopenotes 100 Scope Notes

Very interesting post: 24 Funny Cats and Kittens Pictures.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Animals, Funny Cat.

Netflix for books- except you can have it for more than a day and not get charged!

I've been saying this for years man! There should be a Netflix for books. You mean a library?

Books telling horror stories around a campfire!

Scary Campfire Stories: Book Style This really is a horror story guys.

What book are going to read this weekend?

This weekend is gonna be lit.erary (but you don't have to take my word for it!) Shoutout to our friends at Bustle for this gem.

Oh I could tell you where self-help is, but that’d sort of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it. A cartoon by Mark Anderson / Andertoons. ⇢ Credits and more info.

25 library cartoons, comic strips, and pictures

Andertoons - Library reference question - cartoon by Mark Anderson (fb)

It's the Patron Who Always Asks for YOU! | Professional Library Literature | dime novel parodies

by Stephen J. Gertz They take no guff from deadbeats. Original cover art by Casey Jones for Crackers in Bed by Vic Fredericks.