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We had two large lilac trees beside our house, in Petrolia, when I was young. We would pick the flowers to enjoy inside, as well. What a beautiful flower; what an amazing scent.


Lilac Bouquet Print by Carla Coulson, titled Lalac Bouquet In Paris-On My Way Lilac Lust in the

In the language of flowers, purple lilacs are the symbol of first love. Country Living.

12 Facts Every Lilac Lover Should Know

12 Facts Every Lilac Lover Should Know. Lilacs belong to the olive family, Oleaceae.


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LOVE Lilacs! A Variety of Lilacs. Since I grew up in the Lilac City of Spokane WA this is a fitting pin...thanks for sharing! There is not a more lovely bush and so fragrant. They make beautiful bouquets too.

My absolute favorite. My hometown, Spokane, is home to the Lilac Festival.Paris Gardens and David Austin Roses from Garden Photo World: Syringa: New Lilac Collection!

"Cotton Candy" French Lilacs - Garden Chic

Unusual colors in the blooms of Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea distinguish this showy summer-flowering shrub.

Lilacs in ironstone.  Clockwise from upper right: Pale pink ‘Maiden’s Blush,’ common white, double-flowered ‘Beauty of Moscow,’ ‘Monge,’ common white, ‘President Grevy’ (blue), and common purple.

The most highly scented lilacs

Lilac bouquet in white ironstone pitcher. Can't wait to smell lilacs in the spring ;

This is what my Lilac bushes look like in bloom. Bumble bees and butterflies and birds are all over it. The smell is to die for :)

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~Incredible angel white lilac, beautiful~

~ incredible angel white lilac, beautiful~I I used to love our lilacs trees in my backyard.