Please repin. Melissa Collins is in end stage renal failure and needs a kidney. Contact her transplant coordinator at 866-682-6792 for more information as to how to donate.

In fact, living kidney donors have a longer life expectancy than the average American!

Gift Set: Donor/Recipient Sterling "Butterfly" Wing Kidney Pendants / Transplant Gifts

I am pleased to share my latest kidney creation with you! Each long pendant is shaped like a kidney, but also forms half of a butterfly, symboli.

The Kidney Donor's Wife - The Truth Behind a Living Donor Kidney Transplant. living donor, organ donor, transplant, save a life

The Kidney Donor’s Wife

After a transplant - the encounter with relatives. The feeling of being alive again and being less scared.

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Kidney Donor Mugs

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Kidney Disease Awareness...Love Cures...Donate Your Organs and Give Someone a Second Chance at Life.

I want to create a tattoo that takes this design and makes it a heart split in 2 with date of surgery and mine and dads initials.Donate Your Organs and Give Someone a Second Chance at Life.

We know A LOT of people who feel this way! #EraseTheWait #DonateLife

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Living Kidney Donor Myths Myth: A living kidney donor will have to ...

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Living Kidney Donation Laparoscopy Donor Surgery

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