logan's run | space1970: LOGAN'S RUN (1977) TV Series Publicity Stills

Here's a selection of publicity stills shot to promote the 1977 television series, Logan's Run , starring Gregory Harrison, Heather Menzies,.

Dystopias Aren't Just Great Literary Fun, They're Excellent Social Barometers | Adam Sternbergh

11 Dystopian Novels You Absolutely Need To Read

Logan's Run, by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. This is the paperback version of the novel with the movie tie-in cover for the 1976 Michael York film. Originally published by the Dial Press,

Jenny Agutter - Various sci-fi/fantasy movies including Logans Run, An American Werewolf in London,The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Jenny Agutter in Logan's Run: I have seen the future. and it's wearing Qiana.

Logan's Run | Elizabeth Hot Stuff

Michael York with Jenny Agutter in "Logan's Run." (* I absolutely love the dress Jenny Agutter is wearing_LL).

Jenny Agutter, from the Film Logan's Run (1975)

Jessica 6 - Jenny Agutter - Logan's Run 1976 ! this is why i as a small boy started to get interested in SC-Fi !

Bill Thomas' designs for Logan's Run.  Jessica's costumes definitely stood out.  I loved the colors and the delicate look to most of the designs.

Logan, Holly & Jessica - Michael York, Farrah Fawcett-Majors & Jenny Agutter - Logan's Run

logan's run | ... Is Stepping Up To A Studio Tent Pole With ‘Logan’s Run’ Remake

Ryan Gosling Is Stepping Up To A Studio Tent Pole With 'Logan's Run' Remake

Logan's Run - The TV show was kind of good.  It extended Logan's Run Fandom for quite a while.  I remember "Runners" being retired at conventions in the wayback

One of the classics of science fiction -- Logan lives in a world where old age does not exist. People who reach the age of 30 are killed in a ritual known as Carousel.